Art in Public

I’ve got inventory

I picked up paintings that were hanging at The Fertilab Startup Center in Springfield, Oregon recently. My studio at my house in town had a storage rack that I have built into a hollow space. I don’t have that here, so I need to figure out some racking in a […]

Bison Dreaming painting

Upcoming Projects

Now that my Painting a Day for Thirty Days is winding up, I need a new project. I wanted something where I can  poll my Patreon supporters. I’ve decided that it will be The Animal of the Week. Each week, I’ll ask my patrons to suggest a new animal for […]

Linear Progression painting

Artwork at Fertilab Startup Center

I have paintings hanging at the Fertilab Startup Center at 138 Main St., Springfield, Oregon. Stop in and check them out soon, as they come down October 5th! All these pieces are for sale. Contact me for more information.  

GS 2 painting

Artwork at The Pearl Day Spa

I have a few paintings hanging at The Pearl Day Spa. Check them out when you stop in for a massage, manicure, or other relaxing services. I highly recommend The Pearl! These paintings are all 18″ x 18″, framed with reclaimed fir strip frames. They are for sale. Contact me […]

A Painting a Day for Thirty Days

My current project started as a way to get me outside and painting. I picked up thirty 8×10 pre-made canvases and committed to make and average of one painting per day for a month. I am at #19 now. It’s been a great exercise for me. I like seeing the […]