#MailArt & Collage

collaged post cardsAside from painting, collage is a favorite media for me. I end up using a similar process as when I paint, applying layer after layer of materials. I use everything from magazine clippings (torn, cut, or sometimes altered) to string, staples, cord, tissue, paint, and wax. Some of these even include colored wire from Ethernet cabling. The base can be a raw piece of canvas, watercolor paper, or card stock. Basically, anything in the studio is fair game. While I’m not as concerned about archival qualities when making #MailArt, most of my supplies are artist quality.

Sometimes an inspirational tea tag quote from Yogi Bhajan is included, other times it is text from another source, or none at all. Use of typography, found print, and bits from vintage books are of great interest to me.

I often work on several cards and put them aside for a month or more. When I come back to them, I’ll consider which parts I like and what will be layered over and further altered. Some on this table here were started over three years ago.

I have yet to use this media for work I intend to be framed. Instead, I like to be much less precious with it. So I send it through the mail. I’ve done exchanges with other artist groups this way before, and I love how the work is further altered by the postal service’s machines. I actually prefer when they don’t hand cancel them, and just let the automation handle them.

Getting into the zone while making these is an enjoyable experience. I loose track of time and pretty soon I find that my fingers are covered in glue and there is a pile of damp cards to stack for drying.

If you are interested in being on the receiving end for random #MailArt, join my Patreon campaign for as low as a $1 monthly pledge. I draw a couple of names randomly each month. Or you can sign up at the $25 level for a guaranteed #MailArt piece every month!

drying collage cards

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