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Bison Dreaming painting
Bison Dreaming

Now that my Painting a Day for Thirty Days is winding up, I need a new project. I wanted something where I can  poll my Patreon supporters. I’ve decided that it will be The Animal of the Week. Each week, I’ll ask my patrons to suggest a new animal for me to use for subject matter. I’ll complete at least one painting a week, and likely more than that. I look forward to expanding the subjects I paint, as I often paint what comes into my mind. And that can get repetitive. This project will send me off to do research on new subjects, something that I greatly enjoy doing.

I am also going to take part in Inktober, 31 Days 31 Drawings, all in ink. I’ll be pulling out all my old drawing tools for this one. I’ll likely incorporate subject matter from The Animal of the Week. Drawings will be posted to all my social media accounts tagged with #inktober.

Patreon Update!

My Patreon support has been steadily growing. The next milestone where I can raffle off another painting is $24 away. If you enjoy my work, please consider pledging, and share this link. You will have my sincerest gratitude! And you will also have the opportunity to win art, suggest subjects for The Animal of the Week, and have first chance at purchasing new work.


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  1. Animal of the Week suggestions: Well, you know horses are my favorite, but if you want to do something new I suggest cats! :’-)

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